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The Abuse committee looks after all of your concerns regarding content and user behavior which breach the Archive Terms of Service. For technical help, please contact support.

We investigate every report we receive. For this reason, we ask you to not submit several reports regarding any one issue unless you have additional information to offer. We also ask that you do not encourage other users to submit a report regarding content you have already reported. Doing so slows down our response and reaction time considerably, as we are a small volunteer-based committee.

Please submit a report via this form if you have not submitted this report within the past sixty (60) days, and you:

  • would like to contact us regarding your Fannish Next of Kin, or
  • believe that your account has been hacked, or that someone is trying to hack your account, or
  • believe you have found content uploaded to the Archive which breaches our Terms of Service, or
  • would like to lodge a DMCA claim - please review our DMCA Policy

We can answer Abuse reports in English. Please allow for an additional delay for responses in any language other than English.

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We cannot act on reports without a valid email address.

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If you came here from the abuse link at the bottom of the page, this will be filled in for you.

Please include all relevant URLs and what about the content violates the Archive Terms of Service. The more thorough the information the quicker we can start investigating.

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