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2022-06-26 13:15:57 -0400

If you've ever wondered how you can give back to fandom and have a few hours per week to spare, SquidgeWorld wants you!

Currently there are a bunch of items that existed over on Peja's Wonderful World of Makebelieve outside of the automated archive, as these "static" stories were never added to Peja's WWOMB and thus are not in SquidgeWorld. The thing is, these stories are hit and miss; I checked half a dozen and only one was missing. However, because my job responsibilities (I'm working 50+ hours/week currently) I'm unable to get this investigation and archive done myself. I currently have it as a to-do item, but may not get to it for a while.

This is where you come in!

If you're interested in being an archivist, which would involve adding these missing fics into the SquidgeWorld Archive, please let me know! I'd love to have any help offered. You can comment here, or click on the Technical Support and Feedback link at the bottom of any page and send me an email.