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2023-05-21 05:58:45 -0400

Because there are quite a few items that don't quite fit the definition of some of our categories, we're going to be updating some of our main media categories to reflect that truth. Therefore, "TV Shows" will become "TV and Streaming Video" and "Video Games" will become "Gaming". The former is because things like Watcher or College Humor/Dropout are fandoms that qualify to be under the "TV" category, but aren't on TV. Likewise, in the latter, there are some board games (the life of me, I can't remember the name of at the moment) that should qualify just as much as a video game - so it makes sense to put them both under "Gaming".

There may be some awkwardness with how the site is indexed for the next couple of hours. But after Sunday morning maintenance, things should once again be stable.