You are welcome at the SquidgeWorld Archive.

No matter your appearance, circumstances, configuration or take on the world: if you enjoy consuming, creating or commenting on fanworks, the Archive is for you.

This archive is a permanent, panfandom place for fanworks, built by fans for fans. Whichever way you use the Archive, you're part of this, powering it, shaping it through your use and your feedback.

We, the Archive team, know that we won't get everything right on the first try, and we won't be able to make everyone equally happy. But we strive to find a good balance, and we promise to respectfully consider your feedback and to take it seriously.

You are free to express your creativity within the few restrictions needed to keep the service viable for other users. The Archive strives to protect your rights to free expression and privacy; you can read about the details in our Terms of Service.

We know that there are some essential parts that are still missing to make the Archive truly panfandom: the ability to host fanworks other than text, an interface in languages other than English, and more ways for you to connect with each other, to name just a few. But with your support, we'll get there.

We are building this archive because we believe it's possible for people of all opinions and persuasions to come together and share with each other.

We are building this archive for you. Come be a part of it.

This is a remix of Dreamwidth's Diversity Statement.

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