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Two Shall Be As One

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Happy Christmas Harry!


U. S. Embassy Dec 21, 1993


Daniel walked up to the guard desk, situated between the two winding staircases that led from the ground floor to the first floor of the American Embassy.

This was their second stop of the day. He had already taken Harry to Stonehenge to catch the Winter Solstice sunrise, though they were still debating on whether or not to watch the sun set there as well. Daniel was determined to see that Harry had the best Christmas this year to make up for all the years the Dursleys had denied him a normal Christmas.

He introduced himself to the waiting guard. “Hello, My name is Daniel Jackson and I have a 10:30 appointment with Mr. Samuel McBride.”

Cordelia Chase moved away from the wall behind the guard station toward the man who was slender with golden brown hair. He was dressed in jeans and a white pull over sweater with a fleece jacket over that. To Cordelia the man’s appearance screamed both innocence and yummy. This was someone she would not mind finding under her Yule tree as a gift.

When McBride had given her this job this morning she had not been real enthusiastic about doing it. She knew why he had done it. He’d wanted her to do a reading on Mr. Jackson, because he suspected something might be off about the guy. After looking Mr. Jackson over, Cordelia decided that unless this guy turned out to be a Demon Lord or Waerloggia/Dark Lord, then her boss was going to get a very nice Yule gift this year.

“Mr. Jackson, my name is Cordelia Chase. I am Mr. McBride’s assistant.” She held out her hand to him. “He asked me to meet you and bring you to his office.”

“Thank you for coming to meet me, Ms. Chase.” Daniel took her hand.

As soon as their hands touched, Cordelia stiffened slightly in surprise. She felt as if she were being bathed in the pure silver light of a full moon while drinking her grandma’s homemade hot chocolate.

“Are you all right, Ms Chase?” Daniel asked worriedly when she stayed silent for more than a couple of minutes. He knew from experience that most government aides excelled at small talk if only to avoid the long awkward silences that could leave the other person feeling offended.

“Yes.. yes,” Cordelia quickly reassured him, “I’m fine. You just... I just remembered something I have to take care of later.”

Daniel was fairly certain that she was hiding something, but decided not to push the issue for now. “I hope it’s nothing too serious.”

“No,” She assured him, then added, “I just remembered that I forgot to send my Grandmother her Yule gift. I’ve got to get it sent out today. It’s going to be late, but there’s nothing I can do about that now.”

“True,” Daniel agreed, “unless you happen to have a time machine handy.”

Cordelia looked at him sharply for saying that in front of a normal and then realized he was joking.

Smiling, she gestured with her hand toward the left stairwell “If you will follow me, Dr. Jackson, Mr. McBride is waiting for you.”


McBride looked up at the knock on his office door. “Yes?”

His aide opened the door and announced, “Dr. Jackson is here for your meeting.”

“Show Dr. Jackson in,” McBride ordered, having caught the title she had given to the time traveller.

He also noticed the long lingering look that she gave Jackson as he came into McBride’s office. It told him what was on her mind was at the moment, but the fact that Jackson didn’t correct her when she called him Doctor, meant that she had gotten something useful about the man before her mind went ga ga over Jackson’s appearance.

The fact that Jackson had accepted the title of Doctor without contradicting Cordelia, told McBride that it was a title he had had for so long that it was part of his identity. It also told McBride that Jackson had had extensive contact with the non-magical world because that was the only place he could have earned a Doctorate.

And that one piece of information was going to give McBride a way to find out more about the time traveller without breaking his oath. He knew from his contacts in the normal world that Doctorates could take years to earn and that it was not something you could do in a haphazard fashion. That meant Jackson’s younger self had to be working on it now if he didn’t already have it.

Daniel stepped up to McBride’s desk and held out his hand. “Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to meet with me today. I know from past experience that this time of year is usually one of the busiest, no matter who you are.”

“That is quite true, Dr. Jackson.” McBride wanted to see how the man reacted to the use of that title and was pleased to see there was almost no reaction, as if Jackson expected to be addressed that way. It also meant that the man was unaware he had slipped and given McBride a way to check up on him. “Most of the embassy offices will be closing later today so that those with family or who need to get home for Christmas can.”

Daniel smiled. “That’s nice. No matter what a person’s religious beliefs or lack thereof, this is a time for family and friends.”

McBride handed him a thick sealed manila envelope. “On that topic, do you have any plans for the holidays? I mean it’s not like you can visit friends or family, given the risk you might bump into yourself.”

“True,” Daniel agreed absently as he opened the envelope and studied the documentation that had been created to give Harry American citizenship. “I intend to spend the holidays insuring that Harry has the best Christmas possible. Based on our conversations, I got the impression that he hasn’t really had a good Christmas since his parents died. I’m not counting the past two holidays that he spent at Hogwarts, since based on what I have found out, there’s not much in the way of celebrating that goes on for those who stay at school over the holiday break.”

As he sat back down at his desk, McBride commented. “I’m kind of surprised that Dumbledore is letting him leave school to meet with you, given that you told me he is aware of your intention to gain custody of the boy. I know for a fact that he has worked very hard to keep control over who has access to Potter.”

“What that meddling old fool doesn’t know, he can’t stop.” The bland, matter-of-fact tone brought McBride’s attention back to the time traveller’s face and had him questioning the man’s sanity, or if the man was more powerful than he originally thought given how powerful Dumbledore was known to be.

While most in magical America had had no contact with Albus Dumbledore, those who did didn’t trust or respect the man all that much, unlike the magical British. Also those who did have contact with the wily old wizard tended to tread very cautiously around him because he was a very powerful wizard.

Jackson, on the other hand, was acting as if he considered Dumbledore a powerless petty bureaucrat who thought he was far more important than he really was.

In a way Jackson’s attitude reminded McBride of some of his father’s friends who had helped the British magical community get Dumbledore into Grindelwald’s stronghold so the German Dark Lord, who was helping Hitler, could be taken out.

After that mission, a number of them had flatly told the British magicals that while they respected the fact that Dumbledore was a powerful wizard, that unless they had no other choice, they wouldn’t fight beside him ever again. They all reported that the man’s priorities were screwed up because he preferred to cast spells to incapacitate an enemy instead of taking them out. To a man, they had all stated quite bluntly that they couldn’t trust him to do what was necessary to protect those who fought beside him.

“So, I take you are not one of Dumbledore’s fans?” McBride couldn’t resist commenting.

Channelling a little of his inner Jack, Daniel asked, “What gave you that idea? Could it be the fact I don’t give a tinker’s damn what the man thinks is the right thing to do. Or the fact that I do not care about what he's supposedly done in the past to protect humanity. I am far more concerned about what the arrogant ass is doing right now. Personally, I can’t help but wonder if he used a PR firm to convince the magical community that he's the second coming of Merlin, given the way some people worship him. I think if Merlin heard about it, he just might come back if only to knock Dumbles on his ass.”

McBride chuckled at the thought and wondered if it could be set-up as a magical Pay Per View. “I know a few of my Father’s friends who served in the magical part of the American Army during World War II who would agree with you about Dumbledore. They would also cheerfully pay money to see Merlin or anyone else who wasn’t evil kick Dumbledore’s butt. When I was younger, I heard a couple of them say that he was a waste of magical talent. They also said they wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire to put the fire out.”

They shared a few moments of companionable silence as Jackson pulled a small bag out of his jacket pocket, enlarged it and put the documents he had been given into it.

“So, how do you plan on getting Potter out without Dumbledore finding out?” McBride asked genuinely curious.

“Let’s just say that Hogwarts keeps her secrets very well,” Daniel told him mysteriously, “especially if you annoy her and Dumbledore has.”

McBride didn’t know how to respond to that. A number of people had long suspected that the ancient castle was sentient, but they had never been able to prove it. He couldn’t help wondering how Potter had found out about it, not to mention what kind of connection he had managed to forge with the castle’s genius loci and why Potter was the one it had chosen to reveal itself to.

“Can you tell me if the ICW found out anything about Black’s trial yet?” Jackson’s question pulled McBride’s thoughts away from the puzzle of Potter and his connection to Hogwarts.

“The British representative reported he was unable to provide any of the requested records.” McBride told him. “Our representative has been trying to get a stay of execution put through for Black, given there is no verifiable proof of guilt and the Dementors are Class 1 Dark Creatures, but he hasn’t been able to make much headway yet.”

“Why not?”

The look on Jackson’s face told McBride he already suspected the reason. “Given that Dumbledore is the Supreme Mugwump the European members, who make up the largest part of the ICW, are reluctant to interfere in Britain’s affairs unless he asks them to and he hasn’t. He is after all considered a very powerful wizard after his defeat of Grindelwald and because he has the reputation of being the only one Voldemort is reluctant to face. He is also seen as a major leader of the Light by them.”

“And how much of that reputation of his as a leader of the light is because he has a phoenix?”

“I would say that is the biggest reason they believe that he is, is because phoenixes are known to only associate with those who are on the Light side.” McBride conceded.

“Then I can’t help wondering what the ICW members would think if they knew that Dumbledore’s Phoenix was no longer with him.” Daniel commented in an off-hand manner.

McBride suddenly looked very predatory. “Dumbledore’s Phoenix is gone?”

“According to a letter I got from Harry, Dumbledore’s Phoenix, I think his name is Fawkes, disappeared some time before Halloween and hasn’t returned yet.” Daniel told him. “I did some research after he told me that and based on what I found, I don’t think the familiar bond has been broken… yet. Otherwise, given how long they’ve been together, there would have been some kind of reaction from Dumbledore that would’ve been obvious to everybody.”

A slow smile appeared on McBride's face. "That might be something we can use."


As Harry wandered through the four cars that made up the Swindon-Cricklade Christmas train, he made sure to keep an eye on where Daniel was. If Daniel suddenly vanished into thin air, because he had wandered too far away, there would some very awkward questions.

As Harry moved into the next car, he had to admit to himself that his mental roommate had definitely gone all out to make this Christmas one to remember. He had certainly enjoyed everything they had done since leaving McBride’s office earlier today.

As he was studying the lovely old ornaments on the tree in the corner of the car, thinking they looked a lot prettier than the gaudy stuff Aunt Petunia preferred, Harry heard, “Hello, my dear.”

Turning, he saw a an elderly white haired lady with a holly wreath on her hair was standing there in a floor length flowing, white skirt and a red old fashioned style jacket top that had a silver fur neckline. Holding out his hand, Harry greeted her in return. “Hello, ma’am.”

Angela could not help smiling at the joyful expression on the dark haired child’s face. If she were to hazard a guess at the boy’s age, she would have put it at around eleven or twelve, though he would be a bit on the small side for a twelve year old. She also reflected that it was not often you saw a child over the age of ten who still had all the joy and wonder that a much younger child had at Christmas time.

“Are you enjoying the trip?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am, I am,” Harry told her honestly.

“Are you looking forward to meeting my husband?” She asked next.

“Your husband, ma’am?” Harry did not understand the question.

“I am the wife of Santa Claus,” Angela introduced herself as the character she was portraying for the trip.

“Oh,” the boy’s emerald eyes widened in surprise. “I did not know you would be on the train.”

“I enjoy meeting the children who are coming to see my husband.” Angela told him. “It makes me feel young again seeing their joy and anticipation. Are you looking forward to seeing Nick and telling him what you would like him to bring you for Christmas?”

“I have already received the greatest gift, I ever expected to receive from Santa Claus or anyone else.” Harry told her. “So, I can not think of anything more he could possibly give me this Christmas that would top insuring that I have someone who wants me as part of their family. That is a gift I have wished for and wanted all of my life.”

“Well, I am sure my husband will be pleased to hear that you have gotten your greatest heart’s desire…”

Harry could tell by her silence that she wanted his name so he told her, “My name is Harry, Mrs. Claus.”

“Harry,” she nodded, “and where is your new family?”

“Over there,” Harry glanced over to where Daniel was standing near one of the worktables watching the elves work. “That is my cousin Daniel, from America. According to the solicitor who is handling things for him here, assuming nothing happens to throw a spanner in the works, Daniel should have full custody of me from my Aunt around the first part of January.”

Angela saw the slender blonde man glance in their direction as if he knew he was being talked about and she saw him smile at Harry, before returning his attention to what Geoffrey, her friend Emily’s teenage son, who was pretending to be one of Santa Claus’ elves, was making.

“So what do you do in your spare time?” Angela asked him.

“Besides, playing on one of my school’s sports teams, when I have time, I like to draw.” Harry told her. “When my cousin saw my drawings, he told me I have quite a talent for it. One of my teachers in primary school said the same thing. In fact, Daniel told me that once I get out of school if I wanted to go with him, he would take me along on one of his Archaeology digs to see how well I can draw the pictoglyphs, among other things.”

Angela could tell Harry was quite proud of the fact that his cousin thought he was good enough at art to be trusted with an important task like drawing things for the man’s job. She could not help wondering, judging by the huge smile on Harry’s face if anyone in his Aunt’s family had ever told him he was good at something. She had a feeling that they had not.

She made a mental note to check and see if there were any art supplies in the Grotto, that Ed who was acting as Santa Claus today could give him as a surprise gift.

“Well, you enjoy your visit to my husband’s workshop, and may you have a joyous and blessed Christmas.” Angela told him.

“Thank you, Mrs Claus, and may you and your husband also be blessed with a joyous Christmas.” Harry told her seriously.


Returning to Hogwarts a few hours after he and Daniel had left for Stonehenge, Harry delivered a present of fresh fruit to Fawkes before pulling out the map the twins had given him. He needed to make sure there was no one nearby. Even though the students and teachers would not be able to find this room, thanks to Hogwarts, he wanted to avoid any awkward questions about why he was in this out of the way section of the school.

The map indicated large groups of people were gathered in what he was willing to bet were the common rooms and dorm areas for each House. The map also showed a few people wandering about the hallways. Harry was willing to bet that most were finishing up their last minute packing and getting ready to get on the Hogwarts Express to go home to spend a happy Christmas with their families and that those out and about were either saying good-bye to their friends or else staying at Hogwarts over the break and wanted to avoid getting caught in the chaos in the dorm area.

Not that there would be many staying at Hogwarts he idly reflected. There rarely were many staying over, given that most if not all had families who cared abut them and wanted them home. Unlike his family Harry could not help thinking. The Dursleys were not family to him. Truthfully they never had been. And as long as he had a choice he would never live with them ever again.

Turning his thoughts away from the slightly depressing topic of the Dursleys, Harry debated for a moment on where he should go once he left the tower room. He was fairly certain that if he went to the Gryffindor common room, he would be met by Ron or Hermione wanting to know where he had been where he had been and why he had not joined them for breakfast. He decided to ask Daniel. /Where do you think we should go?/

/The library./ Daniel suggested after a few moments consideration. /We need to get that document we want Snape to sign written up and make sure there are no loopholes in it that he can use to wiggle out of our deal once he has what he wants, before we talk to him tonight. Not to mention it would either send Hermione into a tizzy thinking you might outrank her this year. Or else she will think that you are finally listening to her advice and studying. Either way it will throw her off the scent if we appear to have been there since early that morning… studying./

/It might also have Ron wondering if I have gotten sick since I will appear to be studying over the Christmas Holidays without being hounded by Hermione to do it/ Harry commented.

Daniel laughed. /I wonder what he will think if we can get Snape to agree to our deal?/

As he headed out the door of the tower room with Fawkes singing his thanks in the background, Harry asked, /What do you think the odds are that Snape will accept our offer?/

/To have a chance to get some potions ingredients from a thousand year old basilisk…/ Daniel mused /…I think he would give up his chance of ever having a child. Snape reminds me a bit of Sam when she gets her teeth into a scientific puzzle. She will some times forget to eat or sleep./

/Are you sure you are not thinking of yourself, Daniel?/ Harry asked in a joking tone. /I seem to remember a few of the memories you shared with me when we first got together, where Jack kept having to drag you off to get something to eat or make sure you got some sleep because you got so absorbed in some project./

/I should never have shown you those things./ Daniel groaned, but was inwardly pleased that Harry felt secure enough to know he could tease him and there would be no repercussions of the harmful kind.

He knew that Harry was still basking in the joy that had come from the events of what for them technically the past week. Daniel had to admit he had had a good time as well. He’d never really had a Christmas where he’d experienced what others called the wonder of the season, but seeing it and experiencing it with Harry first hand had given him a new appreciation for what was called by many, regardless of their religion, the season of hope and joy.

He remembered well the joy he had felt from Harry when they were on the train going to Santa’s Grotto and the even greater joy he had felt when Santa presented him with an unexpected gift in the form of a sketchbook and coloured pencils to draw with. And that reminded him, they needed to come up with some kind of explanation of the sketchbook in case Hermione and Ron ever saw Harry with it.

Daniel was abruptly pulled back to the present when he and Harry ran into a blonde girl in the hallway, who was clearly a year or two younger than Harry.

“I am sorry,” Harry apologised as he helped the girl back to her feet. “I did not see you.”

The girl shook her head and told Harry, “It was my fault. I was so busy trying to find some of the things I needed to pack and was not paying attention to where I was going.”

“Why are you looking up here, I would think they should be in your dorm should they not?” Harry asked curious

It was at that moment that Daniel noticed the girl’s bare feet. Something was wrong. No one would voluntarily go wandering around a stone castle in the middle of winter in bare feet. /Ask her where her shoes are?/

“And where are your shoes? It is too cold to be wandering around without them on.” As Harry relayed the question, Daniel noticed the girl was studying Harry intently and it had him wondering for a moment if she was somehow able to detect him like Hedwig did. He hoped not. The last thing they needed was for a witch or wizard to know he was sharing Harry’s body.

“They were taken,” the girl told them simply. “I was hoping they might be up here, because my fellow Ravenclaws have hidden my things up here before. They think it is great fun to take my clothes and other things and steal my homework before I can turn it in.”

At the blonde girl’s words all of Harry’s joy vanished to be replaced by anger.

Harry was struck dumb at the realisation that there were bullies in the other Houses. He had only thought of Slytherin as the house of the bullies before this moment and that Draco was the biggest of them. He supposed he should have known there were that were was other bullies at Hogwarts, just not as noticeable as Draco and his friends, but he supposed he had not wanted anything to disturb his thoughts of Hogwarts as a safe haven for him. The blonde girl’s words had just ripped that comfort away from him as well by making him realise that there had to be bullies in the other houses and they were just as bad as Draco. They just hid better because their Houses did not have the reputation Slytherin did. He also realised that labelling all of Slytherin House as bullies was probably unfair but given the fact that the other members of Slytherin House turned a blind eye to the actions of Draco and his friends, it made them as guilty of being a bully as he was, at least in Harry’s mind.

His anger though was quickly replaced by confusion as she added a few moments later, “I am sure you know what that is like Aingeal Coiimhdeachta.”

“Who are you talking to?” Harry gave her a puzzled look as Daniel mentally translated the Gaelic phrase Aingeal Coiimhdeachta into English and came up with Guardian Angel.

That phrase again had Daniel wondering if the girl could see him and her next words confirmed it. “Your companion, Danyer, or maybe I should call him your Protector.”

/I think she can see me./ Daniel told Harry when the girl used the Abydonian pronunciation of his name.

/How can she see you?/ Harry wondered.

/Miss Luna Lovegood is a Seer,/ a female voice that both Harry and Daniel recognized as Hogwarts’ answered. /Her gifts woke early./

/I wonder if she will be any better at predicting things than Trelawney?/ Harry wanted to know.

/I would imagine that Miss Lovegood will be very good at it once she has been properly trained./ Hogwarts told them. /Right now, she can not properly explain what she sees. I expect that will change as she grows older. As for Trelawney,/ Harry and Daniel could hear the contempt in Hogwarts voice as she said the Divination teacher’s name, /I have only ever heard her give one prophecy in a manner different from the way she does in her class and that was this summer. She was alone in her quarters and she spoke in a manner completely different voice than the one normally uses. She also didn’t remember it happening afterwards./

For a brief moment Daniel and Harry wondered if that prophecy had been spoken on the night their lives had been joined together then decided they were better off not knowing. Given their confirmed status as what Jack O’Neill would call trouble magnets then there was a better than ninety percent possibility that the unheard prophecy concerned one or both of them and they already had too many damn prophecies hanging over them between the prophecy of Merlin that the goblins had been entrusted with and the one they had heard in the Hall of Prophecies thanks to the help of an Unspeakable named Croaker that primarily concerned Harry. Daniel was also willing to bet there was one out there about him that no one knew about and it was just waiting to be sprung on him. For all he knew he was the one who had been prophesied to reopen the gate to the Universe.

“Danyer, could we talk about the things you have seen and the places you have gone through the Chapp’ai?” Luna Lovegood’s voice piped up pulling Daniel and Harry’s thoughts back to the present.

Since Harry was wearing Merlin’s ring on the finger that would allow him to appear as a separate entity and Daniel had no doubt that Hogwarts would keep others away for now, Daniel decided to do the polite thing and appear to answer her question.

Bowing slightly to the young blonde, Daniel told her, “It would be my pleasure, one day, when you are older and more worldly. Some of my adventures are not meant for those who have not seen the real evil that man can do.” Then he made a request, “Luna, I would like to ask that you not tell anyone I am here, please.”

“That will not be a problem, Danyer,” Luna assured him. “No one would believe me even if I did say anything. Besides I know you are not a threat to the school or Hogwarts would have evicted you by now.”

“Thank you. Now, allow me to help you a little,” Daniel extended his hand and a gentle blue glow left it to encompass Luna’s feet.

A moment later a pair of sheepskin filled fuzzy slippers covered the girl’s feet.

“Oh, thank you,” Luna squealed, looking down at her feet. “They feel so warm and comfortable.”

“I am glad you like them, and they will not vanish.” Daniel promised. “All you have to do is think of them and they will appear on your feet.”

/Hogwarts, do you know where Luna’s things are?/ Harry asked the castle.


/Could you arrange to have them returned to her trunk?/ Harry wanted to know.

/And would you do the same for the possessions of any others who are being treated as Luna has been, regardless of which house they belong to./ Daniel added, knowing there had to be others like Luna.

/Yes,/ Hogwarts knew she would be allowed to do so since it was an Heir of one of the Founders making the request.

/And Hogwarts, would it be possible to return the favour to those who seem to enjoy taking someone else’s things, by arranging for some of their most loved possessions to go missing and turn up in… inconvenient places?/ Harry requested, hating people who behaved like Dudley and got away with it, no matter what the reasons were.

/And if any of the thieves are in a position of authority, such as a Prefect, the Head Boy or Girl, the more inconvenient and embarrassing the place… the better./ Daniel added in.

/Of course,/ Hogwarts was pleased that both Daniel and Harry were concerned for the children who were being bullied in all of the Houses.

“Miss Lovegood,” Daniel told the girl, “I have made arrangements to have your things returned to your trunk and you should no longer have to worry about losing your things. So with your permission I am going to have Harry escort you back to your dorm.”

“Thank you Danyer,” Luna bowed her head to Daniel before he vanished from her sight, but she did not lose the feeling he was nearby keeping an eye on things. “Shall we go Harry?”

As Hogwarts watched Harry and Daniel escort Luna Lovegood back to the Ravenclaw Dorms, she finally understood the feelings of joy she sometimes felt from the children who remained within her walls during the Yule Holidays. There were always great bursts of joy when they opened the gifts they had received from family and friends and she was now feeling it for herself. She had been given her first real Yule gift. Daniel the heir to Salazar Slytherin and his companion Harry Potter, had given her the right to determine how to protect the children within her walls as individuals, instead of just being allowed to protect them if the whole school was being threatened. True the permission was given and only to be used in the case of bullying and outright theft, but it was a start.

She had noticed that the bullying problem within her walls had gotten worse over the last one hundred and fifty years because of the current Headmaster and the two who had been Headmaster before him. They were not the only ones at the school though who had been turning a blind eye to the bullying. Because of the apparently tacit approval of the Head of the school, others in a position of power at the school like the Heads of the Houses and the other teachers on the staff had also ignored any accusations of bullying that they personally did not witness, especially if the offender had powerful family connections and those they picked on, like the muggleborn, did not. All reporting the incidents had ever led to, was increased abuse, until the children who were picked on decided it was safer for them to stay silent.

Being unable to do anything about some of the things she had been forced to witness over the years had frustrated Hogwarts no end especially since the reason she had been unable to interfere, until today, had been because of the magic used to create her. It limited what independent actions the school’s genius loci was allowed to take and left those decisions in the hands of the Headmaster and Headmistress at the time. Only they could order her to take any actions when needed. The only exceptions set up by Merlin and the Founders that had allowed her to take independent action prior to Daniel’s orders to her were limited to acting in defence of all students, or if a Headmaster or Headmistress had been so derelict in their duties to the children of the school that they were placing the entire school in danger because of it. That loophole was one of the reasons she had been able to take actions on Potter’s behalf, as well as some of the other students. Dumbledore was so focused on controlling Potter and everything around him that he was clearly neglecting his duties to the school as a whole, which was leading to the students being placed in great danger like when that soul piece of Riddle that had controlled Ginny Weasley last year. It had forced her to set the basilisk intended to protect the underground portions of Hogwarts lose on the muggleborn students, and it was only due to her interference that there had been no deaths only students petrified until Potter had been forced to deal with Riddle’s soul piece. Which in Hogwarts mind was another black mark against Dumbledore.


A twelve year old child should not have to face a Basilisk unprepared!


Well thanks to Daniel’s instructions, she now had more freedom to act and she was going to take it!