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    Series: None. Don't you dare ask for one.
    Date: August 27, 2000
    Fandom: SWAT Kats/World of Darkness Rules
    Parings: Jake Clawson/ Chance Furlong
    Rating: NC-17
    Codes: Slash (M/M), Established Relationships, Cross Species
    Relationship, Weres, Probable AU, Crossover
    Status: New. Finished. Ack.
    Website: None at this Time *gurr*
    Archive: Yes to: BlackNet, CKoS, FurLONG, haven-of-fic, HiddenTruths, RedRoom, SmutFic, TheRestIsSilence, TranformationFic, Witnesslist, WWOMB
    All Others: Just let me know where.
    Spoilers: None
    Summary: Jake has put an odd condition on their engagement,Chance has to watch him do something ... special. If he's still in the room and willing when it's done, they can get married.
    Disclaimers: Not mine, but TPTB weren't letting them play.
    Notes: This is not my typical type of story. No dialog, spoken or otherwise (I think), only lasts a moment, it's more a scene than anything. I'm trying to work on using descriptions. ~yuk~
    For HiddenTruths Challenge #7: Silence: A story with no dialogue. That's nothing spoken, no telepathy, no chat room ... no form of direct person to person communication.
    A nod to the Fur Writers list and tigerkat. You guys know why.
    And thanks to my ever-faithful beta, Calcasieu.