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Love on the High Seas: I Can't Help It

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Love on the High Seas: I Can't Help It
by Pirate Turner


I'm not good at talking about my feelings,
But you make me want to.
You make me want to live again,
Not just survive but truly live.
You make me want to dare to open my heart again,
To let you in, to believe in those things
I never thought could exist --
In family, in happiness, in love.

But you scare me too.
I'm the toughest bitch to ever sail the Seven Seas
And you know I'd never admit it,
But to you, in this,
I will.

I'll admit that I'm scared,
Scared of losing you,
Losing the only person who's ever managed to
Slip past all my defenses,
Touch this dark heart of mine,
And leave me breathless from your loving ways.

To never again feel your skin against mine,
To never again taste the sweet nectar of your tender lips,
To never again see the way your handsome, innocent face
Lights up when you look at me,
Never would I know a surer death.

Yet I can't help myself.
I can't push you aside.
I can't stop longing for you
No more than I can calm my heart
When you give me that look of innocence.
I can't help my lips aching for yours
Or my body's longing to be one with you.

I guess when all's said and done,
I can't help falling in love with you,
Dawson Leery.

The End