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Remembering A Dead Warrior

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BSG 1978.

Remembering A Dead Warrior by mbozzo.

It's always dark in space. Commander Adama knew that since he became a colonial warrior, all these years ago. He heard a knock on the door. He knew who it came from.

"You can come in, Col. Tigh," said Adama. Tigh walked into Adama's quarters.

"The men need you to say something. It's not every day that we lose someone close to us," said Tigh. He looked at the brown skinned man. They have been friends and co-workers for years. They can trust each other with their lives.

"You're right. Boxey and Athena need to hear from me," admitted Adama. He walked out of his quarters and went to the bridge of the Galactica. He looked at his men. He saw the look of Starbuck and Boomer. They were his closest friends. These 3 have been though a lot of missions together. They wanted to make those lizard-brain tincans pay for killing Apollo. Then, he looked at Athena with her  husband Helo. They were holding the hands of their young daughter, Hera. Then, he saw the very angry look of his grandson. Boxey. He alreadly lost his true parents. Now he lost his foster father as well.

"I wish I know what to say, but we all lost a find warrior and good friend. I hope that the Lords of Kobol will look after him in the afterlife. That is all I can say," said Commander Adama. Then, he let out a tear. All of them felt the same way as Adama. It's the saddest day of their life. It will take time, but they will get over it.

The end, for now.