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Love on the High Seas: Salem Overboard!

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Love on the High Seas: Salem Overboard!
by Pirate Turner

        "FAITH! HELP!"

        Faith ran to Dawson. "What's wrong?"

        "Salem fell overboard!"


        "He was dancing and fell!"

        "FUCK!" Faith glared at the Demon holding a guitar.

        "I tried to tell him to get down," Lorne declared, "but he wouldn't listen!"

        Frantic mewing raised from the water. Dawson looked around as Pirates everywhere, including the entire crew of the Magnificos, ran after Salem. He turned back, but Faith was gone. Looking down, he saw that the ocean was full of Pirates and his Faith already held Salem. Dawson breathed a sigh of relief and marveled at all the people who that one magical cat had brought together.

The End