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Escaping With The Wrong Woman

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"We did it. We escaped from the Hooded Claw," said Zippy, who was one of the two guys who were rowing the lifeboat. The second guy was Dumdum.

"We gotten you off the ship in time, Penelope," said Clyde. The woman with them looked at her 'rescuers'. The truth was that she didn't need to be rescued from the guy who has hired her to fool these guys.

"What make you think that the Hooded Claw was on that ship?" asked the false Penelope, who real name happen to be Hillary Gasser.

"He has his crewmen attack us when we were trying to leave the dinning room," answered Zippy. Hillary quietly cursed the hired crew of the Hooded Claw. She was supposed to get off at the Virgin Islands with the Ant Hill Mob, while the Hooded Claw keep the real Penelope Pitstop as his prisoner and sex slave for the return trip. She saw the sky getting darker. Then, she saw and heard another ship heading toward them.

"There is a ship coming toward us. Get the flares out," said Hillary. So, Weepy get the flares out to signal the approaching ship.

Soon, they were brought aboard the ship, which was owned by the Coast Guards. Clyde told the captain of the ship why they were in the lifeboat.

"Can you confirm what he said," asked the ship's captain, who was a brown haired and bearded male.

"The Ant Hill Mob believe that I was in danger, because we were attacked by some of the crewmen," answered Hillary. The Ant Hill Mob couldn't believe what they were hearing from the woman that they believe was Penelope Pitstop.

"We were supposed to go to the Virgin Islands for a pre-wedding shopping spree, but I guessed that it's cancelled now," reported Hillary.

"I'm afraid that it is. We could get you back to the mainland when we finish our patrol," said the ship captain, as he left his guests in the room where they were staying in.

"How could you say that we made a mistake?" asked Zippy.

"The captain of the cruise ship didn't do anything to harm me. I know that you mean well, but you were wrong about the captain,"said Hillary.

"I guess that we ruin the shopping spree," said Clyde.

"You're forgiven for doing that. You're just doing your job. I can't blame you for playing it safe," said Hillary. The seven members of the Ant Hill Mob felt better. They thought that they did a good job protecting Penelope Pitstop. They wouldn't feel so good if they knew how the Hooded Claw tricked them. The end, for now.