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A Sad Day For Keystone City.

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The year is 1951. the Justice Society has disbanded. Jay Garrick, formerly the Flash, has sped to Keystone City to be with his girlfriend, Joan. The blonde haired female was surprised to see Jay entered her apartment. Then, he sat down on the chair. Joan knew that meant that something is wrong. She walked to Jay, who removed his helmet. He never done that before with taking off the rest of his costume.

"What wrong, Jay?" asked Joan. Jay looked at her. He remembered that Joan knew that he was the Flash since he started as the Flash.

"My carrier as Flash is over. The government doesn't trust us. It's time to live a normal life," answered Jay. Then, he got up and change into civilian clothes in front of Joan. It was not the first time she seen him do that.

"What are you going to do now?" asked Joan.

"I'm going to start my own lab. Maybe, I can still help people by finding cures for sickness," answered Jay. Then, he sped away from Joan and returned with a small box. He opened the box to show a small ring. He got down to his knee.

"Will you marry me?" asked Jay. Joan couldn't speak for a while. When she recovered from the shock, she said these words.

"I will marry you," answered Joan. So on January 1, 1952, Jay and Joan gotten married. They invited family and Jay's Justice Society friends. Jay stay retired from crime fighting until 1961, when he met Barry Alien. The end, for now.