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A Mystery Killing In The Police Station

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It has been a week since Donna Troy and Diane Hallow has been in a failed attack on them. She knew that the failed attacker has targeted these two women for a reason. After a week, she still hasn't figure out who hired him. Then, she got a ring. She ran to the phone and picked it up.

"Athena, The guy who attacked Donna and Diane has been killed. The video showed that a person wearing black clothing somehow manage to get into the cell of the person who attacked them and killed him," said the male voice on the phone. The brown haired woman knew who voice that she heard on the phone.

"I'm coming as fast as I can," promised Athena. She put the phone down and rushed out of her apartment. She has a meeting at the nearest police station.

Steve Trevor Junior was waiting for Athena to come to the police station. Diane Hallow, a blonde female, and Donna Troy, a dark haired female, was at the police station with him.

"Do you think that Athena will come?" asked Donna. Steven looked at her. Donna was as good at her job as Diana Prince. He wished that she didn't have to go to Paradise Island to replace her mother until she is found. Then, Athena arrived at the station.

"Where is he?" asked Athena. She wasn't happy to be there. Steve doesn't blame her. He didn't want to be there as well.

"His body is at the morgue. We hasn't found out who killed him," answered Steve. Then, a brown skinned male police officer arrived at the room. He stopped near them.

"You might want to check out the dead body of the person who failed to attack two of your employees," said the brown skinned police officer. He left the room and the four civilians followed him to the morgue. They walked into the morgue and found what was left of the now dead red haired attacker. There were stab wounds on his body. A white haired man was in the morgue, looking down at the now dead man. The brown skinned police officer took that as a cue to get out of the morgue. So he did just that.

"I'm glad that you are here. Someone manage to get into his cell and killed him. when we try to stop him, he vanished in a flash of black light," said the white haired male, who looked at them. Athena looked at the dead man. He didn't look good.

"Who kill this person?" asked Steve. Athena looked at him. She wondered if she should tell him the truth.

"I don't know, but I believe that the killer worked for the same person who hired him to attack Donna Troy. Diane Hallow was in the wrong place at the wrong time," said Athena. To be continued.