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A Kiss...out of lust

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The front door flew open.

Dongmin kicked off his shoes and marched across the den toward Bin. “You.”

Bin was sprawled on the couch, reading webtoons on his phone. “Me?” he asked, startled.

Dongmin’s gaze was practically shooting sparks. “I had to find out from Twitter.” He jabbed furiously at his phone, then shoved it under Bin’s nose for him to see.

Bin scanned Dongmin’s Twitter feed, then looked up at him, smirked. “So?”

“So?” Dongmin spluttered. “You could have given me some warning.”

“Why should I have?”

Myungjun and Jinwoo looked at each other. When Dongmin’s short fuse got the better of him, Jinwoo took over as Dad and Myungjun took over as Mom.

“Let’s go,” Jinwoo said, grabbing Sanha and Minhyuk each by the arm and towing them to the door.

“What? Why?” Sanha protested.

“We don’t have to,” Minhyuk said, but Myungjun rounded up caps and masks and sunglasses and shepherded them all over to the door, made sure they put on their shoes, and then it was just Bin and Dongmin alone in the apartment, Dongmin’s phone between them.

“You should have given me some kind of warning,” Dongmin said. “Do you know how difficult it’s been for me all day? I was innocently scrolling through my Twitter feed during a break in filming and there you were, in those leather pants -”

“I posed with a very cute dog,” Bin said.

“In leather pants,” Dongmin said again. “You know what leather pants do to me.”

Bin did know. He’d found out firsthand back when they were trainees and he’d had to wear leather pants for one of their Rising Star performances at Lotte World.

Dongmin tossed his phone aside. “You deliberately didn’t mention it, right? Because you wanted to make me crazy.”

“Hardly,” Bin said, maintaining an innocent expression. “We’re all so busy, it’s hard to keep track of what everyone does. It’s a miracle the fans can keep up with it all - Sanha’s OST, Myungjun’s OST, your new CF -”

Dongmin climbed into Bin’s lap and silenced him with a kiss, hot and filthy, open-mouthed, hands roaming. “Shut up,” he said, pausing to gasp for breath. “I’ve wanted you for hours.”

“Oh yeah?” Bin raised an eyebrow, slid his hands up Dongmin’s shirt. “How much do you want me?”

Dongmin kissed him again.