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A a suggestion

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A day that all six of them had off was rare. A day that all six of them had no plans was rare. They’d drifted out of bed one by one, fended for themselves as far as breakfast, and by the time Jinwoo was awake and fed, they were all lounging in the den, sprawled across the furniture and contemplating what to do with their rare day off.

“I thought you had plans.” Myungjun craned his neck to peer at Sanha.

“Hyunjin and Bomin canceled. What about you?” Sanha asked Minhyuk. 

“Going to the sauna later. Want to come?”

Sanha considered. “Maybe.”

“What are you going to do with your day off?” Dongmin asked Jinwoo. “Go to the studio and write?”

Jinwoo yawned and shrugged.

Someone’s phone vibrated.

There was some half-hearted shuffling before Minhyuk finally answered his phone.

“Chani, hey, what’s up? A theme park? That actually sounds like a lot of fun.” He angled the phone away from his mouth and raised his eyebrows at Sanha. “Want to come?”

Sanha shook his head, eyes wide.

Minhyuk peeled himself off the floor and headed for the shower. “I’ll meet you in an hour.”

“Well, there goes your potential trip to the sauna,” Myungjun said.

Sanha rolled onto his stomach and batted his eyelashes at Myungjun. “Go to the PC-bang with me? We can try that new MMORPG we saw the trailer for the other day.”

Myungjun considered. He craned his neck to peer at Jinwoo. “You want to come with us? To keep the child in his rightful place.”

Sanha stuck his tongue out. “I’ll defeat both of you and then you’ll have to pay for all of my snacks.”

Jinwoo looked more awake. “Fine. Loser pays for all the snacks.”

Myungjun’s eyes gleamed. “You’re on.”

“We should set some reasonable limits, though,” Jinwoo said, rousing himself further. “Each of us only gets to buy one snack every half hour max.”

Myungjun and Sanha sat up, and the three of them devolved into a fierce debate about the exact terms of their wager.

Bin turned to look at Dongmin. “What about you? What will you do with your day off?”

Dongmin hummed thoughtfully. “Read a book. Watch a movie. Maybe text my parents so I can have dinner with them. Come home and go to bed early. You?”

Knowing Bin, he’d probably want to go for a run and then hit the gym and lift some weights, maybe try out some new health shakes or protein drinks or -

Bin considered. “Well, how about this?”

“How about what?”

Bin leaned in and kissed Dongmin, slow and sweet and lingering. It was a kiss full of suggestions and promises and potential, and Dongmin could feel heat rising under his skin.

“Yah, not while there are children present,” Myungjun said.

Bin pulled back and said, “Sanha’s an adult.”

It was Jinwoo who made a little aegyo noise.

Dongmin sighed. “Go. Just - go play video games.”

“We live here too,” Sanha protested.

Dongmin turned to him and arched an eyebrow. “You want to hear what Bin and I have planned for today?”

Sanha shot to his feet. “I’m showering first!”

Minhyuk emerged from the bathroom, hair damp, ready to face the day. “See you later!” And he sailed out the front door, on the phone to Chani. “Yeah, I’m leaving just now.”

“I’ll use the other shower,” Jinwoo said, standing up.

Myungjun rose more slowly. He winked and said, “I have some furry handcuffs, if you’re interested.” And he sauntered toward the bedroom.