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Dongmin sat at the bar, nursing his drink slowly. He was sitting beside Myungjun but not really interacting with him. Myungjun was nursing his own drink and doodling on a napkin. He had a pile of napkins beside him covered in sketches, mostly of Jinwoo’s face. This happened every time he and Jinwoo fought. As soon as they made up, he’d go back to sketching Jinwoo properly in his sketchbooks, and all would be right in the world.

Till then -

The man who slid onto the barstool beside Dongmin was tall, handsome, had broad shoulders. He had elegant, cat-like features.

On the other side of Myungjun, Minhyuk came alert. He caught Dongmin’s eye, nodded, and then resumed nursing his own drink.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you here before,” the man said.

Moon Bin, twenty three.

Dongmin glanced at him, kept his smile small and understated. “Well, it is my first time.”

Bin’s smile widened, and he went from feline-sexy to puppy-cute. “Can I buy you a drink?” His voice was a surprisingly light tenor; Dongmin would have expected such a tall, muscular man to have a much deeper voice.

Dongmin said, “Sure.”

Bin flagged down Sanha, the bartender, and Dongmin finished the drink he was on and accepted the new one and proceeded to barely touch it, focusing all his attention on Bin and their light, flirty conversation, trusting that Minhyuk was keeping an eye on Myungjun.

The bar was dimly-lit. All the patrons were men; it was a very specific kind of bar, so no one would care when Bin leaned in, brushed a lock of hair out of Dongmin’s eyes, and kissed him.

It was a good kiss, soft, thorough, heated.

Dongmin could have lost himself in the kiss, but he felt Bin’s hand sliding inside his jacket, toward one of the inner pockets.

He curled his hand around Bin’s wrist and stopped him, pulled back.

“Whatever they’re paying you, I’ll triple it if you turn on them - and I’ll convince Prince Myungjun not to have you beheaded for treason,” he whispered.

Bin froze. He tried to pull away, but then Minhyuk was beside him, boxing him in.

Hyunwoo, Jooheon, and Changkyun had already stepped up to protect Myungjun, who was startled by the commotion.

Bin’s expression hardened. “It’s not about money.”

Dongmin tilted his head. “It’s not about philosophy either. You’re not a true believer in what the other side is selling.”

Bin looked away. Finally he said, “They have my sister.”

Dongmin tapped his radio and said, “Jinwoo, find Moon Bin’s sister.”

Myungjun made a small, sad noise at Jinwoo’s name.

Bin shook his head. “It’s not that simple.”

Dongmin slid off the barstool, tossed Sanha a wad of cash for his time. “For us, it is that simple.”

Bin stared at him. “You kissed me back.”

Dongmin said, “You kissed me first.”

Bin said, “People don’t just kiss like that.”

Dongmin said, softly, “You’ll have to wait till all this is over to kiss me again.”

Bin said, “My sister’s name is Sua. They grabbed her while she was on campus.”