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Waltz for the Moon

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“Sanha, are you done yet?” Bin asked.

Sanha was the only one of them with a laptop in the dorm, and as a rule they took turns using it to catch up on emails, dramas, movies, and games. But it was also Sanha’s, and Sanha had a bit of a video game addiction.

“Almost,” Sanha said. “I just need to get through the next couple of screens so I can get the reward.”

Eunwoo peered over Sanha’s shoulder at the screen. “Those are really old-fashioned graphics. What are you playing?”

“A video game that’s as old as Bin,” Sanha said.

“Yah!” Bin prodded Sanha’s leg with his foot. “Are you calling me really old-fashioned?”

“Eunwoo said it, not me.” Sanha grinned.

“It’s Final Fantasy VIII,” Rocky said. He was sitting on the floor, legs folded in front of him, doing some kind of complicated yoga stretch.

“How long is this going to take?” Bin asked.

“Let me enjoy my prize.” Sanha swatted at him, then sat back with a happy sigh.

“What’s your prize?” MJ asked, peeking over his other shoulder. “Oh. It’s a cut scene. That’s pretty smooth animation, for how old the game is.”

“It’s not that old,” Bin snapped.

MJ hummed. “Pretty song, though.” He jumped up, held out a hand. “Someone should dance with me.”

Jinjin obliged, swept MJ into his arms, and they began to waltz.

“Nobuo Uematsu, Waltz for the Moon,” Eunwoo said absently, going back to his homework.

“How do you know that?” Bin asked.

Eunwoo glanced at him briefly. “I know lots of songs about the moon.”

Bin wasn’t sure how to interpret that.

Sanha said, “The hyungs are being gross! Get a room!”

Bin saw that Jinjin had MJ pressed close, was gazing into his eyes as MJ steered them deftly around the small living room, moving smoothly to the music.

“They’re just dancing,” Eunwoo said. “The waltz is very romantic.”

Bin jumped to his feet, offered Eunwoo a hand. “In that case, dance with me.”

Eunwoo set his book aside and rose.

“Fine!” Sanha clicked his mouse a few times, and the music stopped. “Fine. Whoever wants it next, you can have it.”

Rocky unfolded himself and slid up onto the couch, tugged the laptop onto his knees. “What did you say the song was called again?” He looked at Eunwoo.

Sanha groaned and covered his eyes.

Rocky fired up the song, and then he tugged on Sanha’s arm. “Dance with me.”

Sanha peeked between his fingers at his teammate. “Okay.”