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    With your love, my hunger continues to grow...

    Stübbe Boys University and its sister school, Stübbe Girls University, in Reapers Rest, Washington is the place to be if you are anybody. Wait, it's not that easy to get in. They don’t care about SAT or ACT scores. Hell, if you aren’t even a lycanthrope, don’t expect to get through the door. Hell, through the door, how about one foot on campus? What do you need to get in? You ask. Besides the lycanthropy virus in your veins? How about at least a 5.0 high school GPA or higher? Higher being preferred. You’ll receive a Letter of Invitation if you meet these simple requirements. Bitch please, this ain’t Hogwarts. The Letter of Invitation is to get your punk ass to take the placement test…Well, if you’re a boy. Sorry gents, they’re a bit harder on you all. Girls just get accepted. So yeah, take the test and you’ll be sorted into one of three groups: alpha, median, or passive. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Heh…You’ll think that until someone wants what's yours. Think you can handle it? Come on in.